Reiß den Himmel und Befreie mich,

So werden wir wertvoll.

(en. Tear the sky up and free me. So we will be precious)

“I find it rather difficult to envisage that humans will be travelling to other stars and migrating to other planets on a massive scale. In terms of our immediate prospects, the primary destination for human colonization will be the Moon”,

Interviewer: “As a scientist, would you guarantee one hundred percent that we will discover extra-terrestrial life?”

Andrey Finkelstein, Director, Institute of applied astronomy, Russian Academy of Science, (speaking Russian):

“Yes. And I will explain why. You see, there is this rational, if not purely scientific, outlook on the universe: a process can either be unique, or, if there is at least one similar occurrence, then it is a regular phenomenon. For some time, scientists believed that the Solar System is something unique, but nowadays we find that most stars have planets. Furthermore, the formation of planets is an inevitable process which occurs when a giant molecular cloud forms into a star. About a thousand planets located around different stars have been discovered to this date. Over 500 stars are known to have planets. A million planets are projected to be discovered within the next ten years. Moreover, some of the recently discovered planets not only resemble the Earth by composition, but also seem to have oxygen. And oxygen necessarily indicates the presence of life.

So, planets are a regular phenomenon. Meanwhile, the universe consists of about a hundred billion galaxies, and each of them has roughly a hundred billion stars. These are immense multitudes. Almost all stars might have their planets - we’ve already discovered a thousand of them - and some of those planets, be it 10 percent or even one percent, might be suitable for the origin of life.”

Interviewer: “By the time the Earth runs out of its resources - and they definitely will be depleted some day, perhaps in a few billion years - do you think there is a chance that humankind will be able to inhabit other planets?”

Andrey Finkelstein:

“I see what you are talking about. I’m not an expert on this, although I do have a feeling that life is generally organized in such a way that any species exists for a certain limited period of time. It is highly possible that humans are no exception. Environmental conditions on Earth changed at least five times in the 250 million years that we are able to trace back, with up to 90 percent of all living organisms becoming extinct, and earthly flora and fauna changing completely. Some hypotheses maintain that it was caused by an asteroid or a comet hitting the Earth.

But I’m more inclined to think that the Earth and the Solar System, or even the universe in general is something of a chemistry lab, a giant factory with its own workings, and certain species may only be designed to exist for a limited period of time. And that may also be the case with humans. I find it rather difficult to envisage that humans will be travelling to other stars and migrating to other planets on a massive scale. In terms of our immediate prospects, the primary destination for human colonization will be the Moon.

I might not live long enough to see this, but you definitely will, as it will happen within the next 20 to 25 years. Three global powers - the United States, the European Union and China - are already competing to set up the first lunar observatory and hence the first colony on the Moon. Later on, people might colonize Mars. China’s ideas of populating Mars with millions of people and giving them land seem naïve to me, although the Chinese are capable of a lot. In any case, I doubt we will be travelling to other stars.”

Interviewer: “Do you believe in aliens?”

Andrey Finkelstein:

“In what sense? Do I believe they have visited us?”

Interviewer: “That, and their existence.”

Andrey Finkelstein:

“If there is intelligence and a civilization outside Earth, then we would call that civilization extra-terrestrial. But the term is used quite differently by the public, to refer to phenomena that we supposedly observed here on Earth. That, I do not believe in. I know for a fact that it didn’t happen. The thing is - and the public might find this interesting - the USSR was the only country in its day to host a grand experiment.

(English transcript of the interview for the Russian Television RT)



Director of the Russian Institute of Applied Astronomy, claimed the scientific reasoning behind his controversial statement that in 20 years humanity will discover aliens and they are likely to look much like humans.

The WOW signal

When Jerry Ehman wrote that three-letter word, “wow,” he was a professor at Ohio State University volunteering with SETI, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. Every few days, a messenger would bike over from “The Big Ear,” Ohio State’s giant radio telescope in Delaware, Ohio, and hand Jerry computer records of sounds coming in from deep space. If something surprising popped up, he was to notify the other SETI folks.

What he saw that day was like an answered prayer.

Eighteen years earlier, two Cornell physicists, Philip Morrison and Giuseppe Cocconi, had tried to imagine how an intelligent alien civilization might try to signal Earth. We should look, they said, for a radio transmission. Radio waves are cheap to produce, don’t require much energy and travel vast distances across space.

Cocconi and Morrison guessed that the aliens would choose a frequency that would mean something to creatures who know math and chemistry. Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe. Zap a hydrogen atom and it will resonate at a particular rate: 1420 megahertz (MHz). So look, they said, for a signal coming in at 1420 MHz. And look for something loud, something that would catch our attention. And on Aug. 15, in it came, exactly as predicted.

What Jerry saw was, yes, a radio signal and, yes, a radio signal very, very close to 1420 MHz (it was 1420.4556, just a smidge from where it was expected). It lasted 2 to 2 1/2 minutes. It was loud. And the transmission had the shape that Cocconi and Morrison had predicted. If you look at this printout, you will see this sequence of letters and numbers: 6EQUJ5.

The letters and numbers are, essentially, a measure of the intensity of the electromagnetic signal as it hit the receiver. Low power was recorded with numbers 0 to 9; as power got higher, the computer used letters: 10 was A, 11 was B and so on. So by the time you get to the last letters of the alphabet, you are getting a very powerful signal. That’s why when Jerry saw this letter U on his printout (U is the 21st letter of the alphabet) he knew something was up.

“I had never seen any signal that strong before,” Jerry says. “U,” in a logarithmic way, means about 30 times louder than the ordinary noise of deep space. That’s kind of a “Hello!” level. And that explains Jerry’s reaction. “That’s the nice thing about the word ‘wow.’ I was, uh ... I was astonished,” he says. As surprised as he was, Jerry was also puzzled. Where did the signal come from? SETI scientists traced it back to the constellation Sagittarius, just to the northwest of the globular cluster M55. But when they looked for the source, there was nothing there, no planet, no star. Still, the shape of the signal, its narrow AM/FM-like focus, not to mention its surprisingly tantalizing frequency suggested intentionality. Maybe whoever or whatever sent the signal had moved on?

Or maybe not. Maybe there was no signal. Jerry and his colleagues checked all the alternative explanations they could think of. Was it a satellite transmission (no), a military signal (no), an aircraft signal (no), a broadcast beam (no), an accidental beam ricocheting off space debris (no)? Could it have been something natural? A pulsating star? That’s where things began to unravel.

Astronomers keep discovering new noisemakers in space: colliding black holes, glitching pulsars, gamma ray bursts. Columbia University astronomer Caleb Scharf says it is very hard to exhaust the possibilities when we are learning more every year about the universe.

For Jerry Ehman, the big puzzle is: Why only one signal? If an alien intelligence is trying to send a message somewhere, wouldn’t it make sense to send the message a few times? The signal landed once on Aug. 15, 1977. It never repeated.

“That’s key in the scientific method,” says Columbia’s Scharf. “You want to see a repeat.” That way, other scientists can confirm the finding. And yet, the “Wow!” signal is the only reliably recorded sound apparently received from deep space that has the quality of an intentional signal. Jerry Ehman has never claimed he’d heard from E.T. Where the signal came from is still an open question for him. All Jerry Ehman will say is that having eliminated (as best he can) every other explanation, a message from E.T. is one possibility he can’t dismiss.

The account about the WOW Signal is in:

Michael Brooks, 13 Things that don’t make sense, Chapter 7, 2008, Doubleday



Larry Gersten took NASA to court to release information about communication from et’s. Namely the Dr. Campaigne and Dr. Lambros D. Callimahos decryption of 29 messages that had been received from “outer space”. He won and NASA have to publish on their website apparently.

The DocId 305233 is a series of example of how ET forms could set a message for us, through the mathematic languages and Geometry or binary code.

The main aspects he underlined are:

A POSSIBLE END of a Species:

1) self destruction,

2) genetic danger,

3) overproduction of information,

4) restricted capacity of the individual’s brain which can lead to excessive specialization with consequent dangers of degeneration;

5)a crisis precipitated by the creation of artificial intelligent beings.

THE VERY FIRST WAY OF COMMUNICATION between two different species

1) With Signals, such as:

numbers. impulses, circle pythagorean Theorem

2) Through the sense of sight, very common among intelligent living forms.

Number is the most universal concept for establishing communication between intelligent beings, mathematic forms as first steps in communication.

+, -, and = are universal concepts.

Lincos: Design of a Language for a Cosmic Intercourse

Lincos=lingua cosmica

The comprehension of the message is important and easy to understand. Communication symbolism especially designed not to hide meaning.

The cosmic equivalent of the Rosetta Stone is not necessary.

Walter Fredrick Morrison promoting his Pluto Platters, the forerunner of the Frisbee, in the 1950s.

Photo: Linda Jasmin Mayer


Train to Pluton

in Hurry up, we’re dreaming

2011  Naive Records





Since October 2011, I’m experiencing my life in Neukoelln, where lots of planets every day collapse each other: the worlds of cultures. Neukoelln is what nowadays is represented as “Melting Pot” of cultures. The main issue of how to communicate became every day a crucial issue, every time you looked someone different according to the language you’re speaking, and you felt a little Alien with yourself.

Aliens are supposed not to exist.

Science proved the contrary, probably

Most of the time we are already Aliens among us.

We don’t need to wait for those from the outer space. According to theme of the festival, my work questions the form of Difference within a community which plays on a common ground in everyday life, the possible ways of communication within it to rise the sky up and discover a new one, that will be for anyone the same. for real. The terminus Paradise, maybe.

Andrey Finkelstein, Director of the Institute of Applied Astronomy, claimed the scientific reasoning behind his controversial statement that in 20 years humanity will discover aliens and they are likely to look much like humans. He claimed: The form will definitely be well-known to us. In my opinion, and I believe experts generally agree on this, life and intelligence, should they exist elsewhere at all, should be highly human-like.

I spent a whole day inside the Kornerpark as myself, as an alien

On air balloons I started writing my whole experience as story since I arrived in Berlin until today and 4 editions of cripted documentations from NASA about the existence of aliens has been spread nearby.

The balloons have been left free inside the park.