21 May 2011

On Saturday morning something in my To-do List has been planned.

A chair and a desk inside a shop window facing the street are settled.

Only a written sheet of paper above.

None did it, none has been invited but something happened.

The current Invitation is a non-invitation.

It's late.

Sometimes the main thing has not to be searched inside the frames.

Unfortunately or not, more things are happening than those we can figure out.

A video documentation is available.

“We need to think about what is happening around us, within us, each and everyday.We live on familiar terms with people in our own family, our own milieu, our own class. This constant impression of familiarity makes us think that we know them, that their outlines are defined for us, and that they see themselves as having those same outlines. We define them. and we judge them. We can identify with them or exclude them from our world. But the familiar is not the necessarily known. “

Henry Lefebvre, Critique of the Everyday Life

22 May 2011
A Project hosted by Eva Frapiccini's Residence in her project Studio by Nac Foundation, Rotterdam, NL.

Around the Corner Project Studio

NAC Foundation,

Struitenweg 21

Rotterdam NL