The folktale "The Captain and the General"* is about stages of love between two people, which is defeated by distance and by wounded vanity.

The key points of the plot are; a queen saved from the death by her beloved king, a king turned to an ordinary merchant sailing for a journey in order to save their future with her beloved wife, a wife who cannot wait for her husband any longer and ran away with a captain, a cheated husband burning with the fire of revenge which will bring him loneliness.

While reading the story we come across triangular shapes frequently. There is a love triangle, a region which has a triangular shape _Sicily_, a fact that prompted the ancient Greeks to name it Trinacria ( means triangle ), a flag representing the city which is derived from the archaic Triskele*.

In geometry; all triangles are cyclic, i.e. every triangle has an inscribed and a circumscribed circle.

The triangle is a plane figure formed by connecting three points not in a straight line by straight line segments; a three-sided polygon.

In spiritual philosophy, in some religions, in most esoteric philosophies and in various metaphysical creation theories the triangle and the essence of triangle the number 3 is used as a metaphorical device to refer to the 3 fundamental tendencies.

The project that we are considering, is going to stage the relationships and emotional bonds in a context of migration. Sicily is a good example for the migration, because many people have migrated for study and working conditions.

There is a conflict between the necessity to travel and the drama of the abandoning the loved ones temporarily or definitely.

Rebuilding a perfect triangle symbolizes the real experience of emotional distance from the place of origin, which is reflected in popular fiction. The mirror which reflects the triangle, represents the actual experience of a woman who is narrated and describes us how the distance can reposition our feelings and emotional relationship with the world around us.

A special thanks to Clara Interguglielmi for her Inteview (click)

* the folktales are taken from Italo Calvino’s “Italian Folktales”, Italian Edition.

“Il Triangolo è l’unico Poligono per cui non è richiesto che sia regolare perché sia sempre possibile circoscrivere o inscrivere una circonferenza, perché per tre punti passa sempre una e una sola circonferenza”

en. The triangle is the only polygon that is not required to be regular because it is always possible to circumscribe or inscribe a circumference, because for three points always passes one and only one circumference"


Mixed Media Installation

(Neon, Mirror, Audio)

in partnership with Zeynep Arinc and

Kyunghwa Jung.

Italian Folktales

a cura di Jens Hoffman


NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti


all’interno del MA - Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies