The Sleeping Beauty,

so long Reclining in her dainty bed,

had risen up

with a devouring desire.



Chiara Milesi

Marta Moiraghi

Sound Design

Eniac (Fabio Battistetti)

in the frame of

Green Desire/Desiderio Verde

curated by Valeria Mancinelli, Elena Mantoni

and Camilla Pin

The Instinct. Revealing ourselves or being hidden.

To enter, to exit: draw a trajectory.

Claiming the movement in order to recover the space through the body.

The dancer’s body is a contemporary ipercorpo.

This Body is on motion, considered in its constant dialectics between the state of equilibrium and disequilibrium, between fall and refloating in its swinging from side to side.

It’s a body in which the contemporary Reality of the Man is inscribed.

In the drawings of bodily spaces and geometries in the air and on land, the whole man is expressed. His human emotions let us derail in this progressive movement, from a portion of the urban space of everyday life, towards a dreamlike dimension.

The daily space turns into a space of possible desires through its creatures. They’re trying to decline a new awakening through an invitation of reading the grammar of the urban space as an open language, in which everything is always possible.

The awakening of the body as awareness of our own space:

Sleeping, dreaming and awakening as the process of a new desire, which becomes visible. The body wakes up, moves itself and occupies the space as a reflection about decolonizing the public space in order to let it be a place where sharing and meeting are still possible.

“Sonno”, “Sogno” e “Risveglio” are composed and performed by

Eniac (Fabio Battistetti)

Chiara Milesi e Marta Moiraghi are dancers for the company

ArtéDanza, directed by Alma Baldini.

The Title is a quote by Doris Humphrey, taken from her book “The Art of making Dances” (1958)

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