(en. When I’m thinking only to myself, who are the others? When the others are thinking only to themselves, who am I ?)

When I’m meeting anyone, I’m always used to think how it is to enter into his life and trying to understand, through his stories, how  our worlds could twist and could exchange our own interpretations of our time.

That’s what happened when I met Marina and Elvio.

This exhibition, LOASI, considered any work of art as “camoflage” in the Isola district. So I asked them to be “artists” in my place, my camouflage.

In our conversations during a tea by Marina or a dinner in the little restaurant in the “Piazzetta”, we told each other how we’re living, but also how we lived and what possibly lies ahead.

As a timeline.

And so I, Marina and Elvio offered our intervention:  the history of the Isola district in Milan.

Our timeline wants to read the history of a place through the everyday life of whoever belonged to it, to its history through stories.

Our daily personal lives are twisted no way with a community life, so we can take apart a big History from Little one. There is only a common History.

A special thanks for all the people who gave us a piece of their history when we met one another. To be able to tell a larger one, belonging to Everybody.

On wednesday 15th february 2011, Municipality Police removed the banner. Here an Italian article about the fact by Luca Gibillini


And by Antonio Cipriani (http://www.padpad.eu/Detail_News_Display?ID=5656&typeb=0&Puo-piu-la-burocrazia-ottusa-dell-arte-civile)

At the time Luca Corbellari, vice president of the Culture commission for the Municipality of Milan, is interested in replacing the banner, after the councellor’s query in estimating the banner,  as a document of historical and cultural value for the Isola District.

downloadable PDf with the pocket version of the banner, only in italian at the moment.

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Quando io penso solo a me stesso, chi sono gli altri?

Quando gli altri pensano solo a se stessi, chi sono io?


with Elvio Annese e Marina Flavia Rossi

Via del Pollaiuolo, 3


Photos by

Sara Saini