Trust in us!

We will never hurt you.




Laura Conte

Niccolò Mazzuchelli


S.a.L.E docks


Within a space intended as an art display, I invited some promoter brand specialist that I knew during my experience, to do simply a promotion.

They’re going to promote the chance to become an artist/author of an artwork to the audience.

Using the techniques of marketing communications, they will ask in exchange a fee (from € 1.00 to € 3.00) and to fill a form. The money will be the wage for the promoters.

The questions in the form are a series of psycho-attitudinal tests, which I collected during my jobs. They are implied by agencies during the training for promoter.

The art work, the promorters will introduce at the end of the performance, consists in a painted canvas

It shows the statistical results of the all the answers as a diagram-

The title of the canvas is the following quote from “The Cave” by JosèSaramago:

Could you just tell me why sales have dropped so sharply? Yes, I think it was the launch of some imitation crockery made out of plastic, it’s so good that it looks like the real thing, with the added advantage that it’s much lighter and much cheaper, but that’s no reason for people to stop buying mine, earthenware’s earthenware, it’s authentic, it’s natural, tell that to the customers, look, I don’t want to worry you, but I think that from now on your earthenware products will be of interest to collectors only, and there are fewer and fewer of them nowadays.

The difference is that earthenware is like people, you have to manage it carefully.

Also the plastic, but fewer.

The artist in the label will be indicated with the headword “Various Authors”

This is only a preview performance of the overall project, “Please, trust in us. We will never hurt you”. It includes all the research within a year I spent in shopping centers as Promoter Brand Specialist.

Resultations of the Performance

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Label of the canvas, the Artwork

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