Pergamon investigates the aspects of contemplation and of the performing relationships between the monument and the audience.

The contemplation is not a sufficient attitude to evoque the feeling of memory, implied by the monument itself, within the spectator. For this reason, the monument has to imply within its experience not only the intellect, but alos the body in its whole phisical dimension.

This series explores the body tension and the dramaturgy of gesture during the act of contemplation of a monument, that is the Altar of Pergamon, one of the highest example of the dramaticity of the hellenic art.

This sequence of images ponders the necessity of a new grammar for the Monument and for its experience, within which the specator is active inside the activation process of the memory.

Kulturelemente n.123 “Monument und Denkmal” guests a part of the series Pergamon .

The issue has been presented within the exhibition “Ripresa dei Discorsi per un monumento”  by