Worskhop and Istallations

(Composit of 200 Postcards realised by thel Center for children with mental disabilites "Stari Grad" in Belgrade - Dimensions according to the site)

a cura di Dejan Atanackovic e Lorenzo Pezzatini

According to my philosophy of work about emotional places, the workshop with people with mental disabilities

tries to underline their emotional approach to the city of Belgrade and put them out of the invisibility, in which they are


I chose to give them a blank postcard, asking to draw on it something from their city very close to their feelings that they like showing someone who is abroad.

The idea of a postcard, that is something that must show and give visibility to something else, is intented to be as an istrument to create an interconnection among children with disabilities, the environment and the common people.

At the end the postcards go to compose the wrtings Love BG  on the face outside the center, that is the common sentence that we find on postcards: they love belgrade, I’m questioning if Belgrade loves them too.

At the end of the exhibition the postcards will be sent to Belgrade City Hall, as a demostration of existence.


Video DV

Section “Alternative Belgrade”

curated by Tanja Ostojic

To look the video, click here

The Idea I want to express through this work is about invisiblity of human attitude, that is  the existence of  both male and female  ways of expressing oneself.

According to the platonic mith about the creation of man (cfr. Symposium), each human being has a male and female component in its inner “I”.

The video shows the transformation of a male face in a female one, through a make up, focus on the eye  as symbol of interior visibility and of the act of looking.

This would like to show the coexistence of this two inner “I”, which become visible to outside.

The interaction of two body expression thecnique, contemporary dance and mimic method, expresses  metaphorically the interior aspect of human essence and underlines the differences but also the harmonic dialogue that happens inside of us

between male and female.

Shooted at the Former Turkish Bath in the circumcision room.

The video has been donated as ADV promo video to the Lesbian Association LABRIS, who exists under false name to avoid homophobic violence.

Special thanks to

Tanja Ostojic as supporter of the project

Michela Mancinelli, actress in Mimic Theatre.