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Going deeper the history of a specific place in my everyday life, a street I was used to cross mostly everyday, I ran into a tired old poet, or better, with the memory of him: with his shopping cart full of books and poems by him, which were offered to people going along throuhg via Tommaso Pini.

A university professor decided suddenly to be homeless, to go out the social mainstream. for 8 eyear. One morning in 2003 people found his corpse burn out. His last poem; The music in the soul is my best inner friend”

A peripherally and discreet street with a small park and two schools a long, crossed by a huge way to the centre.

Giovanni’s life was discreet too, a poetic dissent through an old typewriter which adressed itself to a discrete place as his owner.

I asked to pepole of the district to tell me the title of their most favourite song, dedicating it to Giovanni’s memory. With whom knew him, I talked about him; with whom didn’t know him, I told them his story.

An ongoing monumet was there. I collected all the song and I publish a CD.

I tried to reconcile the memory of Giovanni with his and ours common environments and to recover it not as a dead person but as a function fort the place itself, like he was: a poetic device that can derail the daily way toward a more dreamlike one.


Effetto Venturi
a project by Peep-hole
Spazio Oberdan - Milano

Special Thanks to Mario Airò and Anna Daneri.
28 Novebre 2003
28 Novembre 2010

A performance by
Pierfabrizio Pardiso
with The Milano Centrale
feat. Naima Faraò

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