I discovered an anonymous bar through a person I met in the street, and invited me to have a drink there.

I started to join the community there and every day I tooked pictures in continuos shot of minimal gestures and episodes.

Every time I came home, I held a diary with all the dialogues and the issues I discussed with the people in the bar.

At the end I set a showcase inside the bar where 20 dvds are available to be seen by the customers through the projector.

Whitin the Dvds I showed the sequences of these pictures about the minimal gestures of people used to attend the bar. Below, I added some texts as a speech which starts from their tales and then it develops into issues of philosophy, politc and social reflections.


Interrogare l’Abituale.

Dormiamo la nostra vita di un sonno senza sogni.


Mixed Media

(Showcase, 20 DVD)


Deragliare il Quotidiano verso ogni storia possibile.

(en: Everyday derailed toward any possible story.)


Istant photo in wooden box


Guardare il Cielo.

Dal 2 al 30 Maggio sulle panchine dei piacevoli incontri

(en: Stare at the Sky. From 2 to 30 of May on the benches for lovely meetings)


Istant photo in wooden box

These Polaroids are resulting from my request to involve a group of people at the bar in a staged photo, settled by street Sinhalese ambulant vendor.

Involving people in their routine in somethin unexpected, shifiting my role toan unexpected someone else is an attempt  in creating new possibilities of glance at the ordinary and daily life.

Invitation to Reflect about the Everyday

a specal DVD of Video Text abou the theme the Everyday by:

Marcella Anglani - Art Critic

Anna Stuart Tovini - Artist and co-founder of UnDo.net

Andrea Ferri - Artist

Elvira Vannini - Critic and Independent Curator

Paolo Meneghetti - Critic in contemporary Aestehtics

Eleonora Farina - Critic and Independent Curator

Alessandra Vittoria Zanchetta - Photographer

Interrogare l’Abituale.

Dormiamo la nostra vita di un sonno senza sogni.

(en: Questioning the Everyday. We’re sleeping our life in a dreamless sleep)

Site-Specific Project

Via Ponzio, 81

Milan, IT