Il Problema della Quadratura del Cerchio

(en. The Problem of Squaring the Circle)


Mixed media Installation (A4 Drafts, Silver Glittered Poweder)

The title of the work refers to a problem of the Euclidean geometry, which was considered not solvable: i.e. the squaring of the circle. Many authors during the Italian Renaissance, among them Piero della Francesca, tried to solve it in order to prove the divine nature of Christ, for instance.

This work evokes the value of attempt, of the failed gesture, of the efforts to reach a goal which is defined out of reach: a series of balled-up drafts on which the obsessive repetition of some titles of some masterpieces belonging to the  historiography of Arts and written by artists is repeated.

From Luca Pacioli to Giorgio Vasari, from Vasily Kandinskji to Luciano Fabro the works set itself as a metaphor of the fundamental value of every attempts, every errors and every missed targets, which belong to the construction of an obsession of our own, and sometimes considered as impossible or ridiculous,  within a social context where errors and attempts are not considered anymore.