curated by Ferdinando Mazzitelli

Abbazia di Santa Maria del Vetrano

July 2011

from 23 to 25

Montescaglioso (MT)

and moved to

Abbazia di San Michele

Montescaglioso (MT)

Feelings, ideas, emotions and thoughts that let the main language be delirious, when they settle in the places of Tradition, open up the shell of the cultures.


Open Intervention to anyone who wish to leave their own thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions in their own dialect on the walls of the rooms of the Abbey of SantaMaria del Vetrano, Montescaglioso.

This action is free. May be oral or written with chalk on the walls.

To make Culture often means rediscovering places and all those values  that have defined lifes of whom inhabited, observed, rediscovered and reconsidered them

Like this where we are now.

Even the language is something essential in living a place, if this is meant as device for interaction among people, who let it  raise from the notion of space to a scene.

A space or locus needs only a geometric plane in order to survive, a scene is so only when it brings with itself a further plane, that one of the encounter and interaction among people.

Rediscovering the past, the vernacular allows you to recover the roots of our own culture and to keep it alive in the flow of present time, even when these sites are left alone.

For a period or forever.