curated by Trama21 - Research Group for Contemporary Art

(Coordinators: Andrea Ferri, Pierfabrizio Paradiso, Laura Maccanti, Filippo Ballarin, Linda Jasmin Mayer)

Trama21 proposes GrenzLabor/LaboratorioConfine/BorderLab, a self managed workshop, which focused  the concept of borders.

Meran is identified with a plurality of cultures, customs and languages that generate a multiplicity of boundaries that are more than territorial ones. They flow into a complex system of differences, within multiple communities  are living side by side. 
The boundary could be identified as linguistic, culturalor individual
They are as invisible crossing lines but you can feel their  intensity of perception very strong.
Focusing the survey  on a direct perception of the territory of Meran, we will try to enact a laboratory that will be  generate by all of the diverse participants, of a melting pot of people from South Tyrol Merano and from outside.

We chose to select the participants from any contexts. Since the creation of internal boundaries arise naturally in interpersonal relationships, we are supposed to consider them as methodological input in order to let everyone think about his own personal boundaries and work reflections out of them.

The internal boundaries of a group as main ground let develop a methodology which could work in a wider context such as the city of Merano transferring the same values and meanings.

The starting point is a question:
What’s your line?

The many answers from the participants within and from stranger people will be also tools in order to understand the shared value of Border.
A border not only as a barrier or boundary but also as a necessity or constraint, according to the needs of a specific context.

Instead of guesting an exhibition, our rooms will become a physical/dynamic calendar.
It will self-generate with a progressive development of the workshop: the structure of the space as a long corridor with many compartments, where no door allows not to have closed space. It will create a sort of physical temporal flux where it’s possible going back and forward through the rooms/daytimes. All boundaries of time are abolished: participants could think and reflect going forward and backward about what happened during these two weeks of investigation.

What will be visible to the viewers within the space is the ongoing works of of participants. The space does not offer an exhibition during the festival but intends to offer itself as an osmotic space of research with the outside.

The “out” is the very active field: we could say no viewer exist; because,  as soon as you’re crossing the threshold of GrenzLabor,you will automatically become participants.

Debates and Discussions on the concept border will be held during the workshop by artists, curators and experts in various disciplines. Some of them: Johnathan Lahey Dronsfield, Germana Jaulin Innerhofer, Nico Doxx, Moataz Nasr, Giancarlo Norese, Leopold Steurer and others.

The refurbished kitchen represents a further amplification of the project: the meal as a time gap keeps on developing some investigation and reflection, crashing once again the boundary of plans. Each lunch and every dinner will be prepared by a guest or a participant who will propose a new issue every evening to be discussed during the meals.

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Meran Art Festival

Ref. Linda Jasmin Mayer