The giardino (re)attivo encloses the chance to re-create a dynamic and emotional relationship between people living in the city and rural areas.

The adoption of a green element to be planted in the ground is meant as an occasion for a dynamic space of reactivation of thought.The Adoption an act allows people to enjoy nature in a conscious manner, by maintaining a good relationship with it through a sense of responsibility 'towards it.

The garden is linked to the ancient practice of living a land,  as an ethical imperative of daily life: the 'art tries to converse the land through its own forms from cultural phenomenon to Culture.

For six months, It's required to participants an active participation in following their own adopted plants. A network in exchanging information about the life of the garden will be self generate and will be published on a blog.

All is full of Love


Digital Print


Site-Specific Installation

200x100x50 cm