The entity that prevents all objects in the universe from touching with each other is the space.

Dramaturgy of a Private Space

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Home as Intimate Stage

The arrangement of objects in our home is the reflection of ourselves through that space, an intimate stage where we are at the same time actors and spectators of our routine. The furniture, the objects and the way they are arranged, the kind of books we choose to let be visible, those that are hidden, all of these strategies of representation evoke the representation of ourselves through our environment.

Reading a lived-in space is like a tale, in which you must learn its composite grammar.

Like a staging whose borders between reality, representation and fiction are blurred.

I was fascinated by the construction of one of the rooms of the house in Springhouse where I entered casually and I started an analysis of the objects that made this space up, through my camera as a sample.

By chance I got to chat with the guy who was living within this space, Marc, and I tried to translate the interconnections between him and his surroundings.

So I realized the dramaturgy of a space that stages three different levels: the objective description of the space and its relationship with Marc’s personal experiences; a stream of consciousness through this space and my personal experiences; Juliette’s speaking through the reflections by Jean Luc Godard on the relationship between objects and human beings in modern society.

The dramaturgy is inscribed in a form which corresponds to a scale section of a mezzanine within Marcus’s room , above which he’s used to sleep.

The section represents the space suspended between the intimate sphere of the bed and the whole space.

The dramaturgy is just a starting point for the work as performance: by simply handing the banner to Marcus during the Springhouse opening to settle it anywhere he liked, the staging of a space begins and it will be perform and represented by viewers/ readers, simply by reading it aloud.

English Translation

In the frame of:

Entwürfe und Einträge um eine Dramaturgie einer Privatsphäre.

(en. Sketches and notes about a Dramaturgy of a private space)