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photo by Andrea Abati - Dryphoto Arte Contemporanea

The alliteration condenses the theme of the work: the metaphor of Wine as universal spokesman about the ideas of encountering and conviviality able to demolish social, cultural and religious differences, in a multi-ethnic integrated system, which appropriates the signs of internet address bar.

The different bottles, that come from the local restaurants, are assembled to compose the four Ws: on them rest the results of the web search for the word wine on Google international, creating a link between shared conviviality of the everyday life of the village and the wine as a tool of democratic aggregation

I dodici Passi/twelve steps

Site Specific installation

(12 canvas, writings, broken bottles)

Dimensions according to the site


photo by Andrea Abati - Dryphoto Arte Contemporanea

The starting point of this work is the “Twelve Steps”, the rules that the anonymous alcoholics must attain in order to complete the liberation from the vice of alcohol.

The twelve canvasses soaked in wine represent the paths of catharsis, which the spectator sees materializing to a path of completion, being conscious of the problems related to wine.

This does not only represent a symbol of the vice, but it also absolves the purifying function of classical traditions within the libation that is offered to the divine.

The Tinaia becomes a new place for purification, no longer for the must, but for the individual as well as for the alcoholic whom redeems himself from the vice through the wine itself.

The written text on the ground, which accompanies the spectator in the labyrinth paths from the convivial songs of the Alceus, which follows the function of the Wine in the classical symposium: 
“Time is Short, beloved child,

get the large multicolored cups,

that the son of Semele and Zeus,

gave wine to men,

to forget the pain.”



Dimension according to the site


photo by Andrea Abati - Dryphoto Arte Contemporanea

This work places a video projection over the final bay of the Tinaia, which shows portraits of people from diverse nationalities performing a toast towards the public.

In this work, wine functions as the bridge of opportunity that joins diversities, through a friendly gesture that acts as a demolisher of individual borders, as a sign of openness and good omen.

In front of the video are 3 barrels above which rest a geopolitical map divided in 3 parts of the 6 continents: on them is placed a chalice of wine filled according to the level of the continents well being.

English Texts from the catalogueEN_Contemporary_Fermenting_Room_2_files/paradiso%2025-32.pdf