Bari Porta a Levante


Biennale dei Giovani Artisti dell’Europa e del Mediteranneo


Nina Nana o More Bir


Video DV


by Daniele Franchi and Bianca Pinzi

For the laboratory BARI PORTA A LEVANTE, proposed by 12nauticalmilesISOLARIO, Pierfabrizio decides toseek in the folds of the famous incident that occurred in 1991.

The way the artist chooses to confront with social reality is intense. From the work we can extrapolate a voice that does not rate and does not teach, but simply focuses something too often disregarded. Far from any position of vehement protest, Pierfabrizio instead sought to isolate and characterize signals, which will be left to the viewer. He gives him a freedom of judgement, respecting his own personal minds.

At the time, the artist was nine years old. He guessed to put those facts in the shoes of  child in his own age, at two different times. The first one, the landing, the first sight of Bari. The second one, a memory that flows up after nearly 20 years, although the pain of his epilogue, with the poignant sweetness of the Albanian lullaby: a true narrative medium .

What happens to the involved people belongs, according to the naïvety of a child, to something natural.

The sliding frames suspended the dramaor a few minutes.

The child watches, observes and listens to the voice of his mother. He’s traveling, he is simply travelling.

The city under the sun flows through the glass of the bus. It is no coincidence that the view is filtered by the port with the signal PROHIBITION OF ACCESS.

The cartel, which was getting more “arrogant”, seems to announcing not only the suffering that awaits the refugees in the collecting center within Stadio della Vittoria, but also the difficult integration with Italians.

In the the irrelevance of the passing there is the epiphany.

A bus trip turns into the Journey. The work is inside a precarious instance,

seeking for balance between among several sides, without necessarily explaining them.

(excerpt from the whole text)

Daniele Franchi

Bianca Pinzi

The girls who sung the

albanian lullaby

Esmerina Heqimi

Mirsada Hyshj

Jorida Kumaraku

Denada Kumaraku

and Marsel

Bari #1

Bari #2


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