Ascoltare ed Ascoltarsi, così un monologo può assumere l’impronta di

un colloquio e l’alter ego è l’io sepolto che affiora aggredito dai ricordi che però non riescono ad

annullare il suo grido.

Pierfabrizio Paradiso introduce “Il Limo di Eva” di Anna Vincitorio

(en. Listen to someone and listen to yourself,  so a monlogue could be assumed as a convesation and the alter ego is the concealed I, who filters throuhg as assaulted by the memory, which can’t block its cry. Pierfabrizio Paradiso introduces “Il Limo di Eva” by Anna Vincitorio

Performance - one act



Vito Montesano

Silvia Pennazzi

Roberto Scanu

Emanuela Stanganelli

Direction and Dramaturgy

Pierfabrizio Paradiso

Short Synopsis

This Performance is an occasion to introduce and present "Il Limo di Eva", a novel by Anna Vincitorio.

The dramaturgy face the issue about the research of one's own identity, not only as self-consciousness, but also as representation and reoccupation of one's own body.

The artist put in relation, as a intertwined weft, the novel by Anna Vincitorio with some extracts from "Tonio Kröger" by Thomas Mann, which dialogue to one another about the issue of the exile from the society, the position of the artist  and about who has a catty-corner glance at the order of the world, getting its essence and rethinking the device body as a furthermore possible space of speech.

(taken from the italian version of the press release “A first step towards coincidences and meeting - part III”, SLT art initatives - Firenze)

Pictures taken during the performance for

“A first Step towards coincedences and meetings - part III” at SLT - art initatives, Firenze

Visual Works

Wild Tigers I have known with Japanese Nightingales


Digital Print on Fine Art Paper


Wild Tigers I have known with Japanese Nightingales


Digital Print on Fine Art Paper


The Nighingale

Digital Print on Fine Art Paper


with the partecipation of

Diego Bertelli

Lucilla Del Picchia

Bianca Pinzi

Antonello Sanna


Nicolò Burgassi

DVD Booklet

(Text available in Italian)


Mixed Media

(Cage for nightingales, book, silver lace)



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